Cable reels

KONI cable reels enable the extension of the working connection by 25, 33 and 50m and a direct connection of up to four single-phase consumers and / or a combination of single-phase and three-phase consumers with flat or round plugs.

Reel implementation enables the use in different conditions. All connections are secure with a thermal fuse that prevents current and temperature overload.

If you use the reel in undemanding conditions and connect only single-phase consumers, you can select a reel with a standard single-phase connection and single-phase sockets.

While combination reels with sockets with caps or rubber or oil-proof cables are more suitable for more demanding conditions and field work, where heavy mechanical loads are present.

Cable reels, model KR 100

Cable reels, model KR 200

Cable reels, model KR 300

Cable reels, model KR 400

Cable reels, model KR 500

Cable reels, empty reel

KR100, KR 300, KR 500